First Virtual Platform Specification is released!

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at
Mon Jan 13 02:29:51 EST 2020

Can you believe it?

Last week the first version of the Automotive Virtual Platform
Specification (AVPS) was finally published, see link at [1].  

I talked to many in the automotive industry last week at CES who were
enthusiastic to hear about it.  Primarily I think the message to give,
is that this is now a "real thing", not just some wild idea!  And of
course, just as before, that we are aiming for something everyone can
adopt, extend, and improve.  The open license guarantees this
possibility.  There shall only one "Automotive" spec of this kind, in
my view.

Following on this I hope we can get it into the hands of those who have
offered to review even if they were not very involved in writing the

Then I suspect we can broaden the scope and fill in the chapters where
we deliberately decided that firm requirements cannot yet be written.

By using tickets to track the state of each topic/chapter.  We already
have a start in JIRA (thanks Matti). I propose to work to relabel those
tickets so they exactly match each (sub)chapter in the specification,
so that tracking becomes clear.

To everyone, I encourage you to read [1] and put a copy of the release
into the hands of your virtualization interested colleagues.  Provide
some feedback, positive or negative, with little or lots of content!

Reminder:  We are NOT planning a phone conference today (Monday 13th),
but it is certainly possible to progress via email, and to write a
chapter on the whitepaper instead!

If you want to start proposing some changes already to go into the next
version (another revision can be released in short order if we find
some issues), then please find also the working-copy link in the same
place [1]

Talk to you soon,
- Gunnar

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