HVWS - Agenda and reminder

gandersson gandersson at genivi.org
Tue Jan 29 03:50:47 EST 2019

Hi Everyone!

Today's reminder that the meeting starts in 10 minutes and some updates:

For the agenda today I'm presenting a draft of a presentation of the
Hypervisor Project goals.

We are hearing a lot of "interest" in this project through meetings,
discussion at showcases (CES) and through personal emails.  But it does not
always directly translate to new people showing up at the meeting.  Many
want to understand the basic idea first and are reluctant to jump into a
project group that has been active for a year already.

First, I just want to reiterate that anyone is welcome to join the call.

Second, this is why it might be a good time to recap what we have discussed
so far and once again describe our intentions.  

Especially following last week's presentation with Kai and the rest,
I look forward to all of your feedback on this rationale for the Hypervisor
Project, which in particular focuses on the definition of an Automotive
Virtual Platform.  Let's align the group and discuss further planning.


https://zoom.us/j/639791223 -- password hvws

(If you are new, you will need to register first, please start doing this
a few minutes early)

Best Regards,
- Gunnar

Gunnar Andersson <gandersson at genivi.org>
Development Lead
GENIVI Alliance

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