Today's Graphics Sharing & Distributed HMI meeting

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Thu Jan 24 04:14:14 EST 2019

Hello everyone

Welcome old and any new people who are interested after a small break (including those who attended a limited meeting last week).

As you know you are all asked to review the tech briefs for Display Sharing (final review) [1] and Virtual Display [2] (review what is there, then we aim to add one more chapter).

Do it now, to prepare for our discussion!

In addition to setting a plan for writing the remaining publications, let's also discuss what we want to  include in the group discussions regarding with new project ideas (e.g. RAMSES combination with new environments like Qt), and implementation & benchmark related work.

Meeting starts as usual at 10.30 CET (in 20 minutes).  If I get my invites in order I may send an update on it but you 

can find the invitation as always on the project home page, see [3].   

Talk to you soon,

- Gunnar




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