aarch64 NVIDIA Jetson TX2 support?

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If you have a Yocto BSP I wouldn’t expect major issues. Certainly worth a try. GDP as currently implemented does not have a lot of h/w specific dependencies. It’s more about things like YP and Weston version alignment.

Some time ago there were implementations of the Genivi Yocto Baseline (the “headless” lower level middleware) that the Baserock community maintained and I recall they supported a Jetson platform. You may be thinking of that. Baserock is a different build/recipe system to Yocto of course. They stopped maintaining a Baserock Baseline several releases ago.

At 50,000 view GDP adds a Qt HMI, various apps and a SDK to the Baseline.

I’m not aware of a public release of GDP for Baserock, but my memory may be faulty. Certainly a Yocto based GDP has always been available, it started on Yocto, and all the last several releases have only been on Yocto. You could of course convert to a different build system if you wished to put the effort in. You can also build GDP in Yocto and then use other tools including the SDK to develop apps for it.

I’m also not aware of a GDP for Jetson at least in public source form, but again my memory may be faulty and my focus is on the Renesas platforms ☺. It may exist privately or publicly somewhere as a fork. Someone else may weigh in or contact you off list. There is no prohibition against Jetson of course. It’s just no one is contributing support for it to the project.

You mentioned ECUs and Networking. The Baseline and GDP come from Genivi’s initial focus on Linux based IVI. Last year the board widened that scope to include projects related to interaction between different vehicle domains. You can find more info here [3]. Included in that is one project evaluating Generic Comms Protocols. At CES Genivi will be demonstrating recent work on translation between Adaptive Autosar ara::com and Franca IDL. There is also work going on based in the W3C Automotive group on Vehicle Signaling standards. You are maybe already aware, but I just wanted to mention those. GDP is not the only way of collaborating on ECUs and networking in Genivi. Gunnar Andersson as Genivi Dev Lead and Philippe Robin as PMO Lead can help direct on those if you need. Both will be at CES.

[3] https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/display/DIRO/Domain+Interaction+Projects



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Thanks for your response, Stephen.

I will look into this further and see if it's something we can get building here. I understand there was an early version running on the Jetson TK1 but hardly any information on systems after that.

We've made an interesting prototyping ECU with a lot of different vehicle network technologies for prototyping and I am very keen to bring a sort of "front-end" to it.

Kind regards,

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Hi David,

GDP fully supports aarch64. See the README.md [1] for more details and information links, but the branch policy is not per architecture. Master is the working branch, with 14.0.x-rocko and 14.1.x-sumo being stable branches for GDP aligned to the Genivi 14 specification based on Yocto Project 2.4 (Rocko) and Yocto Project 2.5 (Sumo). GDP Master branch will move to YP 2.6 (Thud) in the coming weeks post CES.

Each of those branches officially supports qemu-x86 and various h/w targets including some aarch64 based ones so it is known to work. The h/w target support is based on contribution. One of the aarch64 targets, such as Renesas R-Car or Pi3, would be a starting point to adopt to your own Yocto BSP.

GDP is built on top of some lower level middleware called the Genivi Yocto Baseline which is defined by the meta-ivi layer [2]. It also officially supports aarch64 via the qemuarm64 target and is verified on various aarch64 h/w targets. It’s master branch is currently aligned to the Genivi 14 specification based on Yocto Project 2.6 (Thud). For YP 2.4 or 2.5 see the 14.x branches.

btw part of the GDP team is currently away at CES so list responses may be a little slower than usual.

[1] https://github.com/GENIVI/genivi-dev-platform
[2] https://github.com/GENIVI/meta-ivi


BIT Lead

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Subject: aarch64 NVIDIA Jetson TX2 support?

Hi, guys.

I understand there is genivi-dev-platform experimental support for the aarch64 architecture, is this branch available on GitHub? I would really like to try this out on some kit we have been developing here, where one of the components is a NVIDIA Jetson TX2.

Kind regards,

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