Change to meta-ivi branch/tag policy

Stephen Lawrence stephen.lawrence at
Tue Sep 18 11:52:14 EDT 2018


The Genivi Compliance Specification is now released annually, whilst meta-ivi continues to be released
twice a year to stay close to the latest upstream Poky version. This has necessitated some changes to 
the meta-ivi branch and tag naming policy to differentiate two different major releases that are focused 
on the same Genivi Compliance Specification but support different Yocto Project versions.

The details of the new policy can be found in the source [1] but I would like to illustrate it
with the two major meta-ivi development cycles for this year.

In spring the Genivi 14 Compliance Specification release was made. It was proven by the 
development of the Genivi 14 Yocto Baseline, which combines meta-ivi v14.0.x and the Poky 
reference distro from Yocto Project 2.4 (rocko).

We are now in the autumn major meta-ivi development cycle which is being developed against
the same Genivi 14 Compliance Specification but the Poky distro from Yocto Project 2.5 (sumo).
For this meta-ivi update version numbers start with v14.50.0.

Using the new naming policy, the spring meta-ivi release has the branch name 14.x-rocko and
version tags v14.0.x-v14.49.x. The autumn meta-ivi release has the branch name 14.x-sumo and 
version tags v14.50.0-v14.99.x.

The BIT planned for two principal releases for the autumn meta-ivi development cycle.
Starting with a pre-release alpha/beta integrating all the code to allow teams to develop against it.
The pre-release was named v14.50.0 and has already been made [2]. A second release named v14.51.x 
is now under development.



Stephen Lawrence
Genivi BIT Lead

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