RAMSES hands-on session @TechSummit 2018

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Dear Genivi projects group,

on this year's Tech Summit in Bangalore, my team will announce RAMSES as an open source software, free for anyone to use and modify. RAMSES is, in one sentence, a rendering engine for infotainment setups consisting of multiple devices and displays (more details in the workshop to come).

We will prepare a hands-on coding session to show what is RAMSES and demonstrate where it could be useful (and where not).
For those of you who a) will attend the tech summit and b) would like to participate in the hands-on session, here are the hard- and software requirements:

-          A laptop with internet connection (afaik, we can use the WiFi from the building)

-          Either Windows, or Linux (Mac is not supported unfortunately :( )

-          If Windows:

o   Visual Studio 2015 or later

-          If Linux:

o   A docker installation (docker ce) - there are instructions how to install docker for different Linux distros, for example Fedora: https://docs.docker.com/install/linux/docker-ce/fedora/

o   You can also build RAMSES on Linux directly without docker, but then be prepared to install packages manually

-          Regardless which OS:

o   CMake 3+ (suggest the newest version)

o   Git (suggest msysgit for Windows)

-          Linux as a VM on a Windows host:

o   Same as native Linux, but I would recommend using VMWare Workstation 12 or newer, because it has good support for graphics, as opposed to VirtualBox

We will be there and try to help everyone who wants to participate, but our resources are limited, thus a little preparation from your side would be great!

Best regards,


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