meta-ivi (master) lands with a thud ...

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at
Fri Nov 16 11:49:31 EST 2018

Hello Developers,

Today (well yesterday), the Yocto project version 2.6 (thud-20.0.0)
was officialy released.

In other news... meta-ivi might just be the most up to date automotive-
focused meta-layer in the universe! ;)

OK... maybe we need to qualify that a bit.

I thought this was a good time immediately following the Yocto release just
to report, if you didn't know, that the master branch of meta-ivi already
moved to that branch a few weeks ago.

There's always some work involved in these openembedded ecosystem upgrades,
because compilers and core software seem to change quite a bit these days. 
Some things get deprecated, compilers typically get stricter (and the core
Yocto/poky/OE layers also apply more strict checks).  Some functions change
in the core libraries - (readdir_r() comes to mind)..., and occasionally
components in the dependency layers get major (API breaking) updates.  
That means patches need to be added and removed to get things to be

All joking aside it's nice to have gone through the heavy part of it 
(knock on wood).

There's a slight bug (which we think is an upstream bug and need to sort out
together) that is holding up the final bump to the tip of the thud branch. 
We have open PRs for that bump, and meta-ivi will then be fully up-to-date
with the very latest Yocto/OpenEmbedded!  (For what it's worth...)

At least keeping up to date reduces the big-bang upgrades, and it will help
to update GDP and various unknown commercial adopters of meta-ivi to the
newest status.

Summarizing the active branches in meta-ivi:

- 14.0.x (maintenance, rocko based)
- 14.50.x** (maintenance, sumo based)
- master (development, thud based)

(** If you're wondering about the versioning scheme, it is described in the

I don't think we have ever been this much "on-track" with updates.  Consider
that the autumn release (sumo-based) was done just over a month ago, and the
next meta-ivi release (thud-based) is only scheduled for April-May 2019.

I'd say this is a good starting point for the new meta-ivi maintainer!

And it's Friday too!  

- Gunnar
Gunnar Andersson <gandersson at>
Development Lead
GENIVI Alliance

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