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Gunnar Andersson gandersson at
Wed May 23 06:33:59 EDT 2018

OK I see the attachments now.  Normally it would be nicer to include just
the text instead of sending screen dumps of text.   Only if necessary should
you use screen dumps.  Otherwise the person replying (like me) needs to copy
the text instead, and dthat should be easier for your.

1. The first error "
$ sudo source ./
source: command not found

is probably because when you run with sudo, then root has a different shell.
 If the root shell is not bash, then the keyword "source" is not available.
When running a non-bash shell, you can replace "source" with "." (just a
dot, followed by a space).
In any case, you should NOT have to use sudo for these commands, so let's
drop that.

(Just please note that this is basic Linux knowledge, and has nothing to do
with GDP.  In any case I will try to help you anyway.)

2.  The SDE is created to do application development on top of the platform,
using the Yocto SDK built for GDP.  The Yocto SDK is created to compile
programs for an already existing platform/image.

So to build the platform itself, we are not expecting you to use the SDE. 
It's probably possible, but not something we have tested or supporting.

Let me ask first - why are you doing it this way - do you have a Windows
computer?  So you decided you must have some VirtualBox system to do also
the platform (genivi-dev-platform) build using bitbake because bitbake
requires Linux?

If this is the case, we could continue to try to make SDE work to build also
the platform -- it is a standard Ubuntu system after all.  Just be aware
that it will take a VERY long time.  Building in VirtualBox with the simple
type of disk image we have is going to be very inefficient.

3. For all the other "permission denied" - is it possible that you have used
sudo/root also before, for example when cloning the repository?  If you did
that, then your normal user does not have the needed permissions.  You
should restart from the beginning - clone a fresh copy and don't use
sudo/root at all for any of the build steps.

You can let us know how this works out.

- Gunnar

On Wed, 2018-05-23 at 11:44 +0200, Imane FIHRI FASSI wrote:
> Hi, i'm working on SDK under virtualbox, trying to build the genivi-dev-
> platform project to start programming with QT, but i have some issues.
> When i try the source command, i get "Permission denied" message; so i
> launch it as root, and it's ok.
> But when i do the bitbake under root, i get an error : "Do not use Bitbake
> as root",so i exit root and run it, but i get another error "Unable to
> create .py file : Permission denied" !!
> What shall i do ???
> Thanks
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