Does Genivi use pulseaudio?

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Mon May 14 04:34:21 EDT 2018

Hello Sherif,

On Mon, 2018-05-14 at 09:57 +0200, Sherif Omran wrote:
> hello guys,
> i would be glad to have the opportunity to join the development team of
> genevi audio manager. 

It is an open-source project, so joining a development team... well you just
need to show what you want to do and discuss with other developers (see
mailing list), then produce useful code and propose it as changes to the
code project.  That's how anyone contributes and becomes a part of
development.  Do you have any particular ideas in mind?  From the rest of
the email, it sounds like you need to first learn (about) the technology,

> One of the points which i don't understand
> does Genivi use pulse audio?

The way you refer to "GENIVI", it could mean many things.  It's the name of
the alliance working on specifications, compliance program for a software
platform, and also cross-domain standards (including communication between
Linux & other systems).

Among other things there is a compliance program for IVI platforms which is
implemented by many vendors.  Some of the components are "Abstract" and
basically intended to be implemented uniquely for a project.  For example
the plugins part of the AudioManager framework is a good example.  It is
designed as plugins because every real production system tends to have
different details in those parts.  The systems need to encode some unique
control rules, and also to program against a particular hardware and depends
on the electrical architecture for the audio system.  So in that context it
depends on the actual production system if the "GENIVI system" has
PulseAudio or not.

With that said I can answer for our shared development platform "GENIVI
Development Platform" (GDP).   It uses an implementation of the audio
manager plugins that is indeed delegating some work to PulseAudio.  I'd like
to see that replaced in GDP because the AM version is now out of date, the
setup is quite messy and not a great example for others, and it is not using
the newest reference implementation of plugins.   Note, again, in production
systems plugins can be implemented uniquely, but the new _reference_ ALSA
plugin seems intended to be used directly, configurable (and therefore
reusable, as I understand it).

I believe it is recommended by the Audio Manager developers to use this
ALSA-only routing plugin.  It seems to me it would create a more pure
AudioManager setup (I mean simpler and not overlapping/redundant with
PulseAudio).  It sounds like that would be more optimized for an embedded
system, but I am speaking from limited experience in that area.  
I hope you don't mind I addressed also the AM list so that some more
experienced audio developers can give more informed answers.

The GDP would benefit from rewriting the AudioManager setup to use the
latest plugins.  If you or anyone is able and would like to take on that
challenge, then let's get that started.

> Is it possible to use Genivi on a headless device? 

Yes, of course it's possible.   Again, "GENIVI" is not really one single
system that can do one thing only...  Like any system you would likely
starSot with some basis, then change and reconfigure it to include the
software you need.

> The bluetooth speaker could be predefined or configured using ssh.
> where to start, is there a step by step guide?

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "the bluetooth speaker".
And I'm not aware of any particular step-by-step guide, I'm afraid.

Best Regards
- Gunnar

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