[Genivi-ipc] Guide to build Common API deprecated version (2.1.4)

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On Mon, 2018-05-07 at 14:23 +0530, Suraj Kottayi wrote:
Dear All,

Hello Suraj!

We were trying to compile media manager (POC of genivi 12.0 nostromo)

Are you building the Nostromo version of the GDP or the baseline?

code downloaded from the genivi website which contains common api wrappers of version 2.1.4.

So you're using the Media Manager and building with CommonAPI 2.1.4? (Sorry to be so obvious but just want to get the fact straight. :)

Are you aware there are more recent versions of CommonAPI?
Here's a list of releases, most recent first; https://github.com/GENIVI/capicxx-core-tools/releases

The problem is that common api-core v2.1.4 is a deprecated version. So we could not find any help to build the code and generate '.so' files (libcommonapi.so), unlike other versions ( v2.1.6 and greater). The procedures mentioned in the README files of commonapi-core v2.1.4  recommends to generate the code using eclipse, however the required commonapi generator version was not available in the eclipse IDE. Also the folder structures of the commonapi-core code in v2.1.4 and v3.1.x is completely different. It appears that few files (.h and .cpp) are missing in v2.1.4.
I hereby request you to kindly provide us with some guidance on building commonapi v2.14 or recommend a suitable solution for this problem.

You may have to update your CommonAPI version to work with Media Manager. Have you explored that possibility?



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