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Hello Tammanna S,

Are you working in the same team as the other TCS representatives asking
similar questions just recently?  (Deepan Muthusamy <deepan.muthusamy at

You might be helped by reading also a previous response [1]

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> Subject: Media Manager - Help Required
> Dear Team, 
> We are creating the prototype for USB feature and We will be using the
> GENIVI middleware components. 
> Can you please share me the below details of Media Manager component, 
> 1. Media Manager middle ware interfaces [APIs] 

Here is the public Wiki, and this particularlink gives you a good search
result for "media":

Look for Media Indexer, Media Control, Media Manager, ...

> 2. Media Manager code repositories. 

See links from those pages, or you can just search "media" in GENIVI GitHub.

> 3. Media Manager any design reference documents to understand the
> component 

The above should give the most important information.  If you need anything
deeper you may have to search within the GENIVI Wiki (and possibly also the
GENIVI Members Wiki if it's really old and deep historical information you
are after.  

If you find something useful that should be published but hasn't been for
some reason, please inform me.

> 4. CommonAPI code repositories  

All GENIVI Components are stored there.  They are named capicxx-*.

> and documentation for understanding the communication with other
> components.

Look for "CommonAPI overview" for example.  It includes links to GitHub
pages where the most recent documentation is.  Actually, in fact, when you
find the code, the README also gives links to documentation.

Is this what you need?

Best Regards
- Gunnar


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