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Hello Deepan,

(For the benefit of the mailing list discussion, I moved all the many CC
addresses to BCC in this email - so please refer to the list [3] for any
possible followup).

We need to address a few of your questions at a time.  As noted before, the
compliance and UML model related questions are the only ones that will need
you to use your member account to access the information, and we'll follow
up to support you.

Let me try to answer a few of the other questions, taken from both your
emails.  Just note that there are a few questions where you ask for things
that no one in the GENIVI staff at least can deliver.  You will have to rely
on more community help that you might get on the list.  Anyone can, and
should, jump in to provide more answers. 

On Fri, 2018-04-27 at 07:53 +0000, Deepan  Muthusamy wrote:
> Steve,

>                 2)In GENIVI, Media Manager POC is available using the
> services offered by DLNA.  Is it possible to use the same implementation
> for USB device as a media source? 

It seems like you're asking what the PoC source code supports here.
Honestly, you can probably look at that as well as anyone else, by studying
the source code.  There's nothing hidden there....  

Then if there is someone in the community who has experience in implementing
components with these APIs, they can of course jump in to give more

That said, my guess is that the proof-of-concept code you are referring to
does not include the full USB media player support, since it was made
primarily to prove the Media API.  Individual companies can choose to
implement code for that API on their own.

But there's nothing preventing that from being put together in an open-
source project.  It requires some effort though.  Is it something that TCS
would like to kickstart - in that case I'm happy to support.  I know there
are open-source implementations of these functions available to start with
so that would be an integration/adaption exercize rather than inventing
anything brand new.

> If not, can we get the documentation and source  code for USB
> implementation?

All GENIVI source code is open-source and available on the GitHub account,
so there's nothing more to give you.  (I think there is one or two
exceptions missing on GitHub but they are not really deliberate.  That's
some code attached to some internal Wiki page, which never made it out only
because no one cared to make it into a project on GitHub.  But there is
nothing substantial there).

Documentation - I am not aware of any specific documentation that will tell
you exactly how to implement a USB based media playback.  If you are looking
for general understanding, you could of course peruse through the old Expert
Group pages on this topic to see if it gives additional insight.  Most
active project development has moved on to other topics so I can't advise
you on which person to discuss with at the moment.  You might have to become
the expert!

For a question like this, which is essentially:  "How do I write a USB media
player...?"  I think you'll be better off isolating it in a single email and
taking a stepwise approach.  Clarify what you want to achieve, ask for
general pointers to where to start (I mean it's not only GENIVI specific
knowledge you might need here), and make sure you explain where you stand
now.  What steps have you taken on your own, or are willing to take?
What have you done so far and what is missing...  That means also showing
perhaps the code you have written so far, in an open project.  That's really
the best way to make other open-source developers willing to help.

> 4) For Layer Management , is there any document available for how to
> use ivi-application.xml and ivi-controller.xml files? 

The ivi-layer-manager list should be appropriate for support on those
ogies.  See [1].

>  5) Is there any document available for building all the software
> component in developer PC?

You didn't define what a "developer PC" is exactly, but I don't know of any
particular document for building on typical desktop Linux distributions, if
that's what you mean.  Or did you mean Microsoft Windows?

So basically, each individual component has their own build instruction
information - see each README**.  This could include both information how to
build on a desktop Linux and for embedded, but it differs between projects.
There's been some discussion about Debian or similar packaging over the
years, but I don't have any immediate reference handy right now.  It would
be nice but it needs some contributed effort.  (Happy to hear if anyone
wants to progress that).

I assume you're aware of the GENIVI Baseline and GENIVI Development Platform
which are essentially encoded instructions, but that's for building for
embedded of course.
**If build information is lacking in the project, make sure you report an
issue to each project, because we require this to be in good shape (refer to
Code Quality & Maintenance Policy [2]).

> 4) In GitHub, we are able to download packages individually but not full
> fledged.  How to download complete GENIVI components source code as a
> single package?  

Not sure what you mean by "not full fledged" but the code is what you see -
there is none other, except what companies create on their own when they
develop for example an instance of an abstract component.

About downloading all source code as a single package - it is something 
different.   First, my definition of "GENIVI components", is most of the
time this:  "ALL the git repositories that are on GENIVI's GitHub account". 
 So that's really a variety of software that has different purposes.

Downloading all of those at once is possible, technically.  But I guess you
are probably not asking for that exactly.  For one thing, code projects are
active and changing, so why would you want a snapshot of those, which is
immediately out of date?

Just to complete that idea however, I do have some personal scripts that
will both download & update all repos from a GitHub account.  I use that to
have an up to date local copy of GENIVI code.  But I'm not sure if that's
what you want?   If you want that, it's more a general question about

I have to sort of guess, but maybe you might mean "all components that are
relevant for a particular compliance release"?   That's a deeper question
than it seems, but the GENIVI Baseline is basically the answer to that.  
Are you not already using baseline (meta-ivi), to get a starting point?

There are however different compliance levels for different components and
different ways that code applies to those compliance rules, so the details
of that is a topic for another time and another forum.  If you want to ask
anything about that I'd recommend a separate discussion on the compliance
mailing list.

OK... so that's a start.  Some questions I could not answer so there you may
need to rely on others input, or do further investigation into previous EG

Best Regards,
- Gunnar

Gunnar Andersson <gandersson at>
Development Lead
GENIVI Alliance


> 1) According to our understanding, only requirements will be  available
> for a placeholder(for example: Device Management) component.
> Implementation and the complete documentation for Placeholder component
> will not be available. Is this assumption correct?

^^ By the way, this is a typical question to send to GENIVI's compliance
support list.

> 2) The component type of Media Sources is not mentioned in compliance
> specification document. Can you please explain about it?

^^ Also here.

> 3) In GitHub, POC using GENIVI Media framework is available using the
> services offered by DLNA.  We have a requirement to implement media
> Manager for USB source. Is the common implementation available for media
> framework irrespective of media source or do we need to implement specific
> to USB?
> 4) In GitHub, we are able to download packages individually but not full
> fledged.  How to download complete GENIVI components source code as a
> single package?  
> 5) Is there any document available for building all the software component
> in developer PC?
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