[GSHA] Today's agenda for Graphics Sharing & Distributed HMI

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at genivi.org
Thu Jun 7 03:39:58 EDT 2018

Today's Agenda:

We will focus on the surface sharing paper.

Your Actions, from before:

Long standing action:  If you have not already, please read through Wayland
Evaluation page and report what is good/bad or what you did not understand,
so that I can improve it, and feel confident that everyone gave feedback.

Then if you have time, also prepare for today by reading through the paper
draft that was posted by ADIT.  

It is linked on the project home page at [1], under Milestones section.

The rest of the topics we will handle as they come up today.

Starting 50 minutes from now, 10:30 CE(S)T [2]

- Gunnar

[1] https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/x/p4T0
Go down to Milestones section 
[2] https://zoom.us/j/183285646?pwd=TioTkxQnG3g

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