Chromium browser update

Jacobo Aragunde Pérez jaragunde at
Mon Feb 12 10:21:48 EST 2018


I cannot join the EG-NW call today but I wanted to send you an update on
my effort to upgrade the browser version.

First, to recap, I tried to upgrade `chromium-wayland` to the latest
version available in meta-browser [1]. This is based on a new Wayland
backend written from scratch by some of my colleagues at Igalia. It can
be built alongside with the current GDP master but it doesn't implement
the ivi-shell hooks, for that reason it doesn't run on the GENIVI HMI.

In our last call, we were discussing whether it would be worth
implementing the ivi-shell hooks or waiting for xdg-shell compatibility
to land in GDP. I was going to evaluate the effort to do the former.

I later realized we have an alternative option; there is a
`meta-lgsvl-browser` layer maintained by LG [2]. It provides an upgrade
to Chromium 63 for the original Ozone-Wayland backend by Intel, the one
we currently have in GDP. I managed to compile and run it successfully
on GDP master on a Rasberry Pi, so far.

I propose to use Chromium 63 provided by `meta-lgsvl-browser` for the
next GDP release. I will rebase the multi-seat patches on top of this
release and test it in R-Car gen 3 hardware. I will also create a PR
with the in-progress patches so others can try it.


Jacobo Aragunde
Software Engineer at Igalia

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