GSHA meeting (Reminder)

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at
Thu Feb 8 04:18:29 EST 2018

It's Thursday again, and time for another Graphics Sharing / Distributed HMI
meeting, in 10-15 minutes.

Webex details, via project home page,

or direct link

Last week's Qt-Compositor discussion took most of the time so not enough
time to discuss and plan.   Today we have no presentation and we have time
to discuss.  Focusing on sync-up with some who have been away, discussing
demonstrator work, and further planning:


* Ramses workshop - I was expecting some planning should have started. 
Let's sort out who is driving this forward.

* Updates on Google discussion, and check alternative scheduling for that

* I have prepared a few questions on further Waltham development to
understand where the technology will be going, when it will feel complete
(referring to "TODO list" but also other goals, and openly available

* Any other business

- Gunnar

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