Hiring developers for GENIVI Core Team

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at genivi.org
Mon Feb 5 08:00:57 EST 2018

GENIVI hiring excellent and self-driven software developers for the Core
Development Team.
This is an opportunity for driven and enthusiastic developers to get a very
varied and dynamic job.  If you like to work hard & code hard, you'll enjoy
the diversity of challenges offered in this team.
As a GENIVI Core Development Team engineer, you thrive on a dynamic and
varied work environment, able to take on many different types of code
development topics.  You are likely a "generalist" software professional who
enjoys taking on new challenges, learning quickly in the process.
Work assignments covered by the Core Development Team will include:
 * - Participate in a high-paced and diverse team using an agile (Scrum)
process, but with a varied backlog, in close cooperation with GENIVI
Development Lead
 * - Work on Yocto/OE build recipes in GENIVI Development Platform and
related systems.
 * - Other integration of software components into working systems,
demonstrators and proof of concept viability. 
 * - Create demonstrators and other code support for the Vehicle Domain
Interaction standards projects, in areas like Graphics, Communication
protocols, Debugging/Health tools, and Virtualization.
 * - Maintenance of selected software components on GENIVI GitHub.  (code
base familiarity, provide continuous gradual improvement, communicating with
contributors, sorting out issues and merging change request)
 * - Develop new smaller software projects from scratch
 * - Successfully engage and interact with other open-source projects and
 * - Improve component build quality (independent of Yocto, e.g.
cmake/autotools and related skills)
 * - Write developer and user documentation
 * - Create input to marketing/outreach and other high-level documentation
 * - Participate in GENIVI All Member Meetings, with demonstrators,
presentations, or other

Specific Skills list:
 * - Yocto/OpenEmbedded development experience (Intermediate or higher)
 * - C programming (Advanced or Expert)
 * - C++ programming (Advanced or Expert)
 * - Qt HMI Development (C++ & QML)
 * - Web/Javascript programming (Intermediate or higher)
 * - Python programming (Intermediate or higher)
 * - Shell script programming (Intermediate or higher)
 * - Documentation skills and desire

An applicant will have perhaps not all, but a majority of the specific
skills covered, or proven Expert level in a few of them.  
Overall a successful team will be selected so that they together cover all
of the specific skills.

Bonus experience: * - Code quality & Static-analysis tools
 * - Docker, flatpak, containers, emulation and virtualization
 * - Graphical / HMI design 

Scope, Contact and Deadlines:
At this time we are expecting to fill approximately 3 new full time
positions.   For the best individuals, competitive hourly rates would be
offered, although companies are strongly encouraged to find synergies with
their other GENIVI Development - thus being able to offer the best possible
value compared to the competition.  Please review the skills requirements
carefully as the best possible individuals will be considered.  The Core
Team might be hired from one company, or made up of multiple
The request for interest went out a few weeks ago, in the GENIVI Newsletter,
asking companies to report interest before end of January.  If you missed
it, you need to act quickly!
Immediately send a notification of interest to gandersson at genivi.org and phi
lippe.robin at technoveo.com and  we will contact you with further
details.  The final deadline for first contact is 16 February, but we aim to
take a decision shortly after, so negotiations with interested
companies/individuals are starting already now, so don't delay.
Thanks, and Best Regards- Gunnar
-- Gunnar Andersson <gandersson at genivi.org>Development LeadGENIVI Alliance

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