Graphis Sharing today -- AGENDA and REMINDER

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at
Thu Dec 13 03:30:42 EST 2018

Hi Everyone

A small reminder and agenda for today's Graphics Sharing & Distributed HMI 
meeting (starting 1 hour from now).

Reminder to PLEASE review the Display Sharing tech brief!
(You still have time if you have not done your homework ;)


Stephen has put the effort in to write this draft so the rest of us can at
least read it and give feedback!  It has been a few weeks now and it should
not be too much work to get it in a finished state.

In the meantime the Virtual Display text is also coming along and I've asked
Magesh at AllGo to consider adding a chapter with Android-related experience on
this topic some time soon hopefully in the coming weeks (of course, some
meetings will be adjusted due to holidays).

For the whitepaper, well, there were some actions handed out last week but
some of you still said you need until next week to get started.  Anyway,
we'll see where we stand today and if needed do some planning together that
might help.

- Last tweek we had a brief discussion on potentials for Qt and RAMSES
technology combinations but missing some of the stakeholders.  I hope we can
do another update and a bit more discussion today.
- Tech Brief reviews (as noted above)
- Planning for the next few weeks.

Talk to you soon
- Gunnar

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