Minutes for HV and Graphics -- and some about our process

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at genivi.org
Mon Dec 10 07:54:25 EST 2018

Hello GENIVI project lovers...

I don't normally send out a lot of notifications for posted minutes, even
though it might be effective (Many of us live in a very event-
triggered working environment...)  The meeting themselves get reminders
beforehand instead.

But you should know that minutes are provided for most meetings on the 
specific page for each project.  

Let me just note that short minutes from last week's GSHA meeting are
indeed posted, and of course the weeks before that.

Minutes are currently created most the time by Philippe taking down some
notes as well as myself. For both GSHA and HV, I have sometimes lacked the
time to type out my own scribbles that were taken by hand on paper.  

But rest assured that the results of what we discuss is valuable(!), because
it forms a basis of knowledge and consensus, and  *that* is being summarized
on the Wiki pages of the projects!

I encourage group participants to document their ideas/opinions/findings on
the official pages before, or directly after the meetings.  Remember that
the great value you have provided might get lost by omission - so take the
opportunity to document it also yourself!
This is necessary, even with good minutes.  Discussions rarely flow linearly
 - they go back and forth between topics, and minutes tend to reflect
that.  The best ideas must then be _extracted_ from where they are
hidden in the minutes and put into another context.

The information flows roughly through these steps

-> Meetings...
 -> Presentations, Knowledge sharing, and discussion.
  -> Minutes of meeting
   -> Topic pages on Wiki (refinement)  
    -> Project results 
        (HV Specification, White papers, Tech Briefs, software...)

In the end, that which is the result of the projects we are running is
probably even more important than exactly who said what at what time.

Starting next year I think we will bite the bullet and implement a round-
robin minute taking schedule for Domain-Interaction  projects, which should
make the meetings run even more smoothly, I imagine.

All the best,
- Gunnar

[1] GSHA minutes https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/x/MIb0
[2] HV minutes https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/x/IYz0

Gunnar Andersson <gandersson at genivi.org>
Development Lead
GENIVI Alliance

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