[Renesas] [BIT] Renesas R-Car Gen 3 Genivi 14 support update to Yocto BSP v3.9.0

Stephen Lawrence stephen.lawrence at renesas.com
Wed Aug 29 12:40:12 EDT 2018


The upstream Renesas R-Car Gen 3 Yocto BSP has been updated to v3.9.0.

With GDP and various wiki pages updated, plus the completion of initial sanity testing, it was time to write a blog
to pull the threads and results together. You can find it here [1].

I've also updated the wiki page [2] on building Genivi 14 for the R-Car Gen 3 SoCs.

[1] https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/display/WIK4/2018/08/29/Renesas+R-Car+Gen+3+Yocto+BSP+v3.9.0 
[2] https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/display/PROJ/Building+Genivi+14+%28Pulsar%29+for+the+Renesas+R-Car+SoCs



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