[CIAT] [GO.CD] Binaries for R-Car updated to Yocto BSP 3.9.0, and simplified for the future

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at genivi.org
Fri Aug 17 04:25:31 EDT 2018

Stephen, all

A quick update on R-Car support, and some tricks in Go-CD.

The binary evaluation packages for drivers on the appropriate Go build
agents are now updated to match "Yocto BSP v3.9.0", released 2018-06-27.

It means the latest baseline and GDP development can now be built for
Renesas targets as they should.  Steve - free to update & try the build
pipelines now.  Might be a few configuration details we need to discuss -
just let me know.

The previous version(s) are kept for older builds, so hopefully those won't
break either.

It almost seems like the frequency of BSP updates has increased over the
years, and in that case it is great news.  But since the installation of the
drivers to multiple agents is always such a hassle -  in an attempt to keep
my own sanity I now added special build pipelines to the CI system itself to
distribute and "install" those binary artifacts on the build agents.

- This reuses the infrastructure we have, and we don't need to have to set
up any particular download-location either.  Instead, you only need to
"seed" the files into _one_ of the agents, via SSH.  The files will then
spread (like a virus ;) to all the other agents.  I expect the process will
be much quicker and more robust from now on.

- That pipeline uses a convenient Go feature: "run Job on _all_ agents".

- But to be clear, a job of course runs only on those agents that are tagged
appropriately ("Resources" in Go.CD) - in this case it will be those that we
have approved to store the binaries.

- I created a pipeline template with parameters, so it can be easily reused
if we have a similar case for something else(*) 

(*) For normal .deb based package installation in the build agents, there is
another mechanism for that.

- Finally, I should note that the pipeline is only accessible by admin and
core GDP team, so that we are not publicly exposing the artifacts
(evaluation license conditions, etc.)

Best Regards
- Gunnar

Gunnar Andersson <gandersson at genivi.org>
Development Lead
GENIVI Alliance

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