Graphics Sharing and Distributed HMI (GSHA) Futures meeting at AMM

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Tue Apr 17 18:23:23 EDT 2018


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> Hi,
> I have an action from today's Graphics Sharing meeting to arrange a side
> meeting at the AMM. This is to take the opportunity to discuss F2F where the
> project goes next.
> As the AMM schedule is full this will need to take place in one of the breaks.
> Lunchtime is the longest break and takes place Tues/Weds from 12:30 to
> 2pm. I suggest we use 30 mins from 1:15 to 1:45 to allow people to get lunch
> and some time at the end to make their way to the restart of the session.
> The exact place is to be confirmed but as a first step can people who wish to
> attend please add their name and which of those two days they are available
> to the table I've added to the GSHA AMM page [1].
> [1]
Thanks for your voting.

If we run out of time in the scheduled session tomorrow (see the end of the agenda)
then the meeting to discuss the future work plan for GSHA will take place Weds 1:15-1:45.
It is the only day we can clearly all make.

Unless something else is announced I suggest we meet in the same room that the preceding
GSHA scheduled session takes place, i.e. Salon Cezanne.



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