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Klaus Birken kbirken at
Fri Apr 13 10:42:50 EDT 2018

Hi all,

it is Friday the 13th, and we released Franca 13! There are lots of new features, esp. extensible deployment models and a JS code generator for client-side WAMP/Autobahn applications which talk to CommonAPI C++ servers. I will present this solution in my talk „Franca for the Web“ at 2pm on April 19th at the GENIVI AMM in Munich.

Franca 0.13.0 can be downloaded from Google Drive <> and from the P2 repository <>. See below a list of new features in 0.13.0, please refer to the corresponding issues in the Franca issue tracker for details.


New with version 0.13.0 (clickable version on github <>):
- * IDL: Add validation checks for states of interface contracts (issue 254)
- IDL: Improved IDL formatter (issues 241 and 252)
- IDL: Revisited noRead flag for attributes (issue 237)
- IDL: Show structured comments inside the hover (issue 236)
- Deployment: Introduce (optional) package concept (issue 247)
- * Deployment: Extract provider/instance deployment as separate feature (issue 250)
- Deployment: Allow building extensions for deployment models (issue 242)
- Tools: JS code generator supports Autobahn-bindings on client-side now (issue 253)
- Develop: Use Xtext generator from Xtext 2.9 for IDL and deployment (issues 243 and 244)
(Some changes in 0.13.0 might require updates of Franca model files, marked with an asterisk.)

Dr. Klaus Birken, itemis AG

Twitter: @kbirken
Mail:      klaus.birken at

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