Google Summer of Code 2018

Chandeepa Dissanayake chandeepadissanayake at
Wed Apr 4 09:17:05 EDT 2018

Hi there,

I’m Chandeepa Dissanayake from Sri Lanka and I’m a student in GSOC 2018.

I’ve submitted a proposal for your organization in Google Summer of Code
2018. It was not completely one of your ideas but some sort of extension to
one of them.

I’d not elaborate all stuff inside the proposal here, but I’d like to know
about the ideas/types of proposals you’d expect from the community. Usually
the project ideas are based on a set of “pre-defined” tasks to be
completed. I’ve always loved to develop anything from scratch. That
compelled me to submit a new idea.

Hopefully, can you please explain me about the expected types of proposals
you look into? I really look forward to enroll with my desire to introduce
deep learning to smart vehicles.

Thank you!
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