[GENIVI] Graphics Sharing & Distributed HMI - Webex #2 - 23 November - Outcome

Philippe Robin (GENIVI) philippe.robin at technoveo.com
Fri Nov 24 10:45:48 EST 2017


Thanks to all who joined !

On Thursday (yesterday), we had around 12 participants attending the 2nd 
webex of the Graphics Sharing project.

Eugen made a comprehensive presentation on various approaches for Graphics 
Sharing, followed by a Q&A.

Slide decks shown by Gunnar (GENIVI) and Eugen (ADIT) and the recording of 
the webex are available in the wiki at: 

The above wiki page will be the collaborative space for the project, do not 
hesitate to populate it with your thoughts and comments.

We are looking forward to keep digging into graphics sharing again with you 
during next week's meeting. A calendar invite will be sent.

Best regards

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