Handling Updates in GENIVI_SWM

Leon Anavi leon.anavi at konsulko.com
Tue May 9 12:26:56 EDT 2017

Hi Rudi, All,

On 9.05.2017 15:25, Streif, Rudolf wrote:
> Forgot, yes you can move the database to a different directory by 
> setting the DB_URL variable in common/settings.py

Thank you for the feedback. What is the most appropriate location for 
swlm.sqlite in GDP? How about moving it to /opt/genivi-swm ?

Best regards,

> On May 9, 2017 13:22, "Streif, Rudolf" <rstreif at jaguarlandrover.com 
> <mailto:rstreif at jaguarlandrover.com>> wrote:
>     Hi Leon,
>     SWLM stores the update status in a SQLite database by default
>     located in /tmp/swlm.sqlite
>     Either delete it or clear it. If SWLM is running you need to clear
>     the table.
>     :rjs
>     On May 9, 2017 11:51, "Leon Anavi" <leon.anavi at konsulko.com
>     <mailto:leon.anavi at konsulko.com>> wrote:
>         Hi Rudi, Magnus, All,
>         While we are preparing ATS Advanced Telematic Systems demo for
>         GENIVI AMM the following issue appeared in the logs of
>         GENIVI_SWM when an update package is provided twice:
>         May 09 10:29:09 raspberrypi3 python[313]: ): Manifest
>         operation d1c96216-9d35-11e5-a00b-57f2b4f03097 already
>         completed. Deleted from manifest.
>         GENIVI_SWM keeps track of all installed upd packages based on
>         their ID and reject to install a package again. This
>         information is stored in directory /tmp. Although this seems
>         reasonable for real life scenario, it is not convenient for
>         demonstrations. The demo cases involve installation of a
>         package or a sequence of packages over and over again to
>         demonstrate how SOTA works from end to end. Due to the issue
>         above, at the moment this is not possible to repeat the demo
>         without a reboot.
>         Could you please provide me guidelines how to properly clean
>         the state of GENIVI_SWM through a script and to avoid reboot
>         between demonstrations? The idea is that this way the user
>         responsible for the demo will manually execute the script from
>         the command line after completing the demo and will be ready
>         for the next one.
>         After creating the script that will facilitate demonstrations,
>         is it reasonable to move GENIVI_SWM data from /tmp to another
>         directory where it will be persistent even after reboot?
>         Thanks,
>         Leon
>         -- 
>         Leon Anavi
>         Software Engineer
>         konsulko.com <http://konsulko.com>

Leon Anavi
Software Engineer

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