Handling Updates in GENIVI_SWM

Leon Anavi leon.anavi at konsulko.com
Tue May 9 06:51:24 EDT 2017

Hi Rudi, Magnus, All,

While we are preparing ATS Advanced Telematic Systems demo for GENIVI 
AMM the following issue appeared in the logs of GENIVI_SWM when an 
update package is provided twice:

May 09 10:29:09 raspberrypi3 python[313]: ): Manifest operation 
d1c96216-9d35-11e5-a00b-57f2b4f03097 already completed. Deleted from 

GENIVI_SWM keeps track of all installed upd packages based on their ID 
and reject to install a package again. This information is stored in 
directory /tmp. Although this seems reasonable for real life scenario, 
it is not convenient for demonstrations. The demo cases involve 
installation of a package or a sequence of packages over and over again 
to demonstrate how SOTA works from end to end. Due to the issue above, 
at the moment this is not possible to repeat the demo without a reboot.

Could you please provide me guidelines how to properly clean the state 
of GENIVI_SWM through a script and to avoid reboot between 
demonstrations? The idea is that this way the user responsible for the 
demo will manually execute the script from the command line after 
completing the demo and will be ready for the next one.

After creating the script that will facilitate demonstrations, is it 
reasonable to move GENIVI_SWM data from /tmp to another directory where 
it will be persistent even after reboot?


Leon Anavi
Software Engineer

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