Franca 0.11.1 available

Klaus Birken kbirken at
Thu May 4 09:26:11 EDT 2017

Hi all,

Franca 0.11.1 is available! It comes with a couple of new features and improvements, among them a major improvement of the doxygen generation. See a list of all new features and bugfixes below.

Franca 0.11.1 can be downloaded from Google Drive <> and from the P2 repository See below a list of new features in 0.11.1, please refer to the corresponding issues in the Franca issue tracker for details.

Best regards,

New with version 0.11.1 (clickable version on github <>)
- IDL: Support binary literals in expressions (issue 208)
- IDL: Fix validation checks of union elements with implicit array type (issue 202)
- Deployment: Improve quickfixes (issues 217, 218, 219)
- Deployment: Support binary literals as property values (issue 208)
- Deployment: Support hex literals as property values (issue 209)
- D-Bus: Fix handling of typedefs as dictionary keys (issue 216)
- Tools: Major improvements for Doxygen filter (issue 141)
- Tools: Fix dependencies of websockets generator (issue 199)
- Tools: Fix transformation of multi-file Protobuf models (issue 211)
- Tools: Add configuration flags to Protobuf transformation (issue 204)

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