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> Hi Canberk,
> On 24 March 2017 at 00:56, Canberk Koç <canberkkoc at> wrote:
> >
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I feel like i should ping you about my application. I had some hardware
> issues and i am using Debian 9 for daily usage YOCTO gives some error on
> Debian 9 so i will install Debian 8 .

Good to see you work forward through any issues you've seen. Issues in
building embedded images can happen to anyone, even experienced embedded
engineers, so having an approach where you work through any setbacks will
help you be successful.

Please note that we also release pre-built images of the GDP which you may
want to try, its a useful shortcut to get up and running:

> > I'll make a proper installation by the Monday and give you feedback
> about it .
> Great. I'm glad to see you are still very enthusiastic about the
> project. Please don't feel bad about this (I should have been very
> clear about it) but let's keep the specific details of your GSoC off
> this list. That's between you and your potential mentors (mostly
> likely me).
> > Also i want to ask you a question about working 2 applicant on related
> projects, my classmate Çağrı will apply also Genivi if we could work
> together on a project it can be very efficient. Thaks for help.
> I see. We won't have any objection on this but please check the GSoC
> rules if that's allowed and also you'll have to ensure that the
> project is big enough for 2 people working on it for 3 months. Even if
> you work on different projects, you'll both be able to help each other
> out a lot still, dealing with GDP and all.

I am positive to this arrangement, I think our projects are pretty big, or
bigger than they appear to us who work on them. Of course we'll need to
check on the mailing list if that is okay.



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> Regards
> Zeeshan Ali
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