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Tue Mar 21 06:55:30 EDT 2017

Hi Çağrı,

On 21 March 2017 at 02:53, Çağrı ULAŞ <cagriulas at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm Çağrı from Turkey. I'm studying Computer Engineering at Çanakkale
> Onsekiz Mart University. I want to be part of Genivi project. I have basic
> C/C++ knowledge in Linux and some experience with Qt on my own.

That's really good background and I'm sure you'll make an excellent
GSoC student for GDP.

> What should
> I do for a good startup?
> I'm interested in these ideas:
> IVI controls through Speech commands

I think there hasn't been a lot of interest in this project from
potential students and it's a pretty important one so I'll recommend
applying for this one, at least as your main project if you happen to
submit multiple proposals.

> Yocto Grok
> Alternative HMI implementation
> I've just started with familiarizing myself with GDP and figuring out how to
> compile GDP Master.

Cool, that is indeed the first thing I'd like you to do. Once you are
done with that, you can already look into existing tech that you can
utilize in your project and play around with them (built them on your
host and/or for GDP, play around with their APIs etc) and discuss with
us on IRC as you go along to share your findings.

Also your application will look really good if it contains links to
existing contributions to open source projects, especially GDP.
Although I didn't find many issues that could be handled by students
in a few days, there were a few:

The first one (showing IP in HMI) isn't very trivial but a lot of
points if a student can handle that.

Good luck!


Zeeshan Ali

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