Zeeshan Ali zeeshan.ali at
Tue Mar 21 06:44:58 EDT 2017

Hi Hamza,

On 20 March 2017 at 19:43, Hamza Mehboob <hamzamehboob103 at> wrote:
> Hi Zeeshan,
> I read your mail and went to the link but couldnt open
> "" .

That is not an HTTP server but an IRC server. You'll need to use an
IRC client (e.g XChat) to connect to it.

> I am sorry, i should have reply you sooner
> about the problem. This shall not happen again.

No worries.

> Anyways, i was more interested in "Alternative HMI implementation" part. I
> can also work on any other part if you see my skill are better in any other
> part of project. I am happy to have you as a mentor.

Sure thing but the deadline for submission is approaching fast so
first we really need to get you started with GDP. Have you already got
GDP built for at least 1 target?


Zeeshan Ali

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