Policy Manager Project.

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Hi Magnus,

I have read the statement of work and I have some worries about it.
While looking at the ESOW I feel strongly remembered to a project called
Murphy https://01.org/murphy which was driven by Intel in AGL and used LUA for policy description.
I am not sure if you are not going to develop things again…

Secondly, while looking to the architecture overview the first example is already solved by the GENIVI AudioManager.
The only Policy who will be informed and does the decision in a GENIVI system is the AudioManager’s Policy.
The Policy is implemented by the Controller Plugin and can be implemented by each OEM differently – also with a C++ -> LUA converter.
Based on this policy the respective Applications will be informed – not only in the local node!

I see the need to have the vehicle information properly notified to different applications and I see a need to standardize
the mechanism in a generic way as much as possible; This is obviously the benefit of the VSC.
Also see the need to have car network policy evaluated locally for some rear use cases in IVI-HMI.
But I fear we have already a lot of policy engines defined in GENIVI e.g.:

-          AudioManager (inter domain media resource manager connected directly to HMI)

-          Node State Manager

-          Popup Manager (possibly already implementable by AudioManager)

-          Device Manager

The second scenario with the RVC use case also causes some worries on my side.
RVC usually has low latency requirements in communication and early startup requirements.
If you use Python as a development language aren’t you enforced to load additional libraries like CPyhton?
Furthermore, LUA scripting and evaluation of policy needs also be loaded.
Was there already an evaluation done beforehand how long the start of modules and evaluation of policy takes?

While reading the development purpose section I thought, why isn’t there only a module developed
which can be loaded e.g. by the AudioManager and connects to the car network to get additional information
like speed, gear state and other vehicle states.
So far, the AudioManager team considered that this is OEM specific and could be connected to the Controller.
There is already an Generic Controller for AudioManager available which can be configured with XML.
The configuration mechanism is meant to be exchangeable and e.g. LUA can be supported also.
But what we still miss is an (open source) interface to get the different vehicle states in order to evaluate and react on state changes like speed?

Don’t get me wrong:
I appreciate the idea to get new things in GENIVI defined but we should also consider the entire architecture and
we should look also to available existing solutions and already developed and defined components in GENIVI/OSS.
I would like to discuss the architecture and the background idea in more detail with you.
I will attend the GENIVI AMM and maybe we can solve the concerns I have.

Best regards

Jens Lorenz
Software Group I (ADITG/SW1)

Tel. +49 5121 49 6927
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JLR has sent out the attached Engineering Statement Of Work (ESOW) to select vendors. Our preference is to run this project as open source under the GENIVI umbrella with discussions and implementation being carried out in the open.

With that in mind, we would very much appreciate feedback on the scope of the project and in which direction we can take this project in future phases. We are actively seeking participants in the community to contribute to the initial phase, adding weight to our case for open sourcing the project.

/Magnus F.

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