[TOOL] Meeting poll: Component Modeling / Definition Language Workshop #2

Manfred.Bathelt at bmw.de Manfred.Bathelt at bmw.de
Fri Mar 17 08:33:50 EDT 2017

Hi Tools Team,

when shall we continue discussion of Franca extensions?
Seems there is again no slot where everybody has time for 2h, but Wednesday 22.3.2017 from 10 to 12 seems the best option according to dudle.

Shall we use that slot?

Best regards


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Subject: [TOOL] Meeting poll: Component Modeling / Definition Language Workshop #2

Meeting time poll for the second major workshop on the topic of Franca
extensions for component definition is here:


The poll is divided into 1h slots but expect the meeting duration to be
around 2h to make significant progress

Background information should be available in the Tools Team minutes
(coming).  If not / if you have questions, please ask.

Best Regards
- Gunnar

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