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Hi Magnus,

Thanks so much for explaining.

On 16 March 2017 at 23:41, Feuer, Magnus <mfeuer1 at jaguarlandrover.com>

> Zeeshan,
> The project spawned from the question (shown in the ESOW) "which app gets
> the volume up press?". From there the system quickly evolved into a spec
> compliance monitor and a generic state machine / signal emitter.
> We do not yet have a High-Level Description (HLD) since we are so early in
> the process. One of the purposes of running the project under GENIVI is to
> draw on the experience from the wider community as we explore the space,
> leading us to enough understanding to build the system correctly.
> The deliverables, both the contractual bits and those provided out of
> contract by the community, allows us to experiment with signal management
> on GDP.
> I think that the question we ultimately want to answer is if we can
> extract the business logic for signal routing, priority matrices, etc from
> the application / system code and move it to an external rule engine.
> /Magnus F.
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> On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 4:44 AM, Zeeshan Ali <zeeshan.ali at pelagicore.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi Magnus,
>> On 15 March 2017 at 00:19, Feuer, Magnus <mfeuer1 at jaguarlandrover.com>
>> wrote:
>> >
>> > Colleagues,
>> >
>> > JLR has sent out the attached Engineering Statement Of Work (ESOW) to
>> select vendors. Our preference is to run this project as open source under
>> the GENIVI umbrella with discussions and implementation being carried out
>> in the open.
>> Really great to hear that you decided to develop this as open source
>> software and under GENIVI.
>> > With that in mind, we would very much appreciate feedback on the scope
>> of the project and in which direction we can take this project in future
>> phases. We are actively seeking participants in the community to contribute
>> to the initial phase, adding weight to our case for open sourcing the
>> project.
>> After a brief look at the SOW, I think one major thing missing in
>> there is the high-level description/introduction of the Policy
>> Manager. Could you please describe the project a bit?
>> --
>> Regards
>> Zeeshan Ali


Zeeshan Ali
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