[TOOL] Agenda for today's TT meeting

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at genivi.org
Wed Mar 8 09:30:26 EST 2017

Jeremiah who normally organizes this meeting is on vacation.  I will jump in
and we will have a meeting today as planned.  Please excuse that I might be
less used to leading the tools meeting and will rely on all the participants
for your input.

Preliminary agenda as follows:

* Component Definition Language
 - Go back to review current status and decide on the next steps
 - Shall we plan another dedicated meeting time?
* SDE testing - TOOL-60 -- REMINDER:  have you taken one of the sub-tickets?
* Update on other plans for new Franca tools
* Info: YAMAICA to be demonstrated on SAT F2F next week -> work should
ideally have its home inside TT
* Any other Business


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