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Hello Serge!

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> Hello, I am student of Saint Petersburg State University - Serge. I was
> really pleasantly surprised when view your Google Summer of Code ideas'
> list. It would be great to learn more about this
> <> problem,
> it looks very interesting.

I am glad to hear of your interest in GENIVI and in its software. The GSoC
item you pointed to is about how GENIVI's software appears to humans, the
Human Machine Interface. I think that the HMI of the future will be very
different than today, but the question remains -- how do you most
effectively represent and display the data from the vehicle in a useful
fashion to the people in the vehicle? GENIVI and other open source projects
have begun this work, but often the HMI is added on late in the development
stage and is not always prioritized. Focusing on the HMI and effectively
tying the HMI's controls to the software components on the device will
likely produce interesting and potentially valuable results perhaps in the
form of a new perspective.

If you want more technical details, I can point you to our various
middleware components:
There are a number of projects there that may be quite interesting from a
HMI standpoint. For example, what would a "client" application HMI look
like for the Remote Vehicle Interface? Of course you'd want to dig into the
client-side code and see what APIs are exposed to determine what type of
buttons and screens would be most suitable for an HMI but that is easy
enough to do since all our code is at GitHub, you can follow the links in
the Projects Home page.

There are others that may be of interest to you as well -- the Audio
Manager Controller, SOTA (software over the air), Persistence tooling, Life
cycle components and even media management are all candidates for new HMIs
or a new approach on the old HMI. In some cases you may already have an HMI
code base to use for inspiration.

> And now I want to describe you few details about me. I have 3.5 years
> experience with C++ and year experience with Qt5. In a school time I was
> participated in many programming olympiads therefore my skill to solve
> problems fast is high enough. Besides I have strong mathematical knowledge
> from university. If you can tell me more about this problem I promise you
> learn more about D-Bus as soon as it possible.

It sounds like you have the right background Serge and I'm sure you'll
learn about the Desktop Bus quickly, here's a start:



> Best regards, Serge.
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