CommonAPI-DBus Yocto/OE Recipe in meta-ivi

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> Hello Leon,
> > Would you like me to update its repository and version?
> Unless Tolkien is already working on that, it would be great if you can take
> care of updating the recipes of CommonAPI-C++ to latest releases available
> in GitHub:

For Genivi 12 Nostromo, then updates to the latest versions are already being
planned. See Tolkien's experimental branch (experimental pre-release of N-0.1) 
and the Yocto Baseline Roadmap for Nostromo.

If you are thinking of Genivi 11 Leon, then the first question is whether the updates
would be compliant with the Genivi 11 specification? One of the goals of the baselines
is to prove the compliance specification can be built so they must be compliant.
If they are not then a PR would be a waste of your time.



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