CommonAPI-DBus Yocto/OE Recipe in meta-ivi

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Thu Jan 26 13:30:20 EST 2017

Hello Leon,

> Would you like me to update its repository and version?

Unless Tolkien is already working on that, it would be great if you can take care of updating the recipes of CommonAPI-C++ to latest releases available in GitHub:

* common-api-c++  ==>
* common-api-c++-dbus ==>
* common-api-c++-someip ==>
* vsomeip (dependency for common-api-c++-someip) ==>

If you encounter any issues during this process, the CommonAPI-C++ maintainer is available to support through the genivi-ipc at mailing list.

Thanks a lot!

Gianpaolo Macario
Mentor Automotive - Senior Member Technical Staff
GENIVI - System Infrastructure EG Architect
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I noticed that the Yocto/OE recipe for CommonAPI-DBus from layer meta-ivi uses the old repository and the version is 3.1.5 (from 9 December 2015). As far as I can see there are several new commits in 2016 to the GitHub repository of the same project and the latest version in it is (from 12 December 2016):

Are there any plans to update recipe in meta-ivi? Would you like me to update its repository and version?

Best regards,

Leon Anavi
Software Engineer

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