Best Practices for integrating Common API into applications

Igor Socec igor.socec at
Tue Jan 17 04:36:02 EST 2017

Hi Phil,

On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 10:25 AM, Phil Wise <phil at> wrote:
> Interesting, thank you for the pointer.  If I understand correctly, this
> automates the generation of C++ proxy/stubs from fidl, right?

Yes, generating and using proxies/stubs becomes as simple as
"add_commonapi_service()" and "use_commonapi_service()".
The following examples should be enough to get the picture:

> That would certainly be worth adopting, especially if it got into the
> default GDP build ;)

We would also like to see that happen. We are open to feedback to get
us moving in the right direction :)


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