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Zeeshan Ali zeeshan.ali at
Mon Jan 16 05:10:52 EST 2017

Hi Walt,

It's good to get feedback from many folks, even if they completely
disagree with you. :)

On 13 January 2017 at 18:04, Walt Miner <wminer at> wrote:
> I agree with Agustin in that I do not think there is so much traffic that it is difficult to separate the AGL from the GENIVI traffic and I think both projects benefit from the cross traffic,

Usually it's obvious what's been discussed but it's not always the case.

> I certainly know that I learn things about the GDP project I might not have otherwise.

And you still will be able to since both channels will be open to everyone.

>  With respect to Agustin's concern about separating platform dev
> questions from app dev questions we have discussed plans at AGL to
> start an app developer support channel on irc or Slack in the near future.
> I think it makes sense to keep that traffic separate from #automotive.

While I don't think that's very useful since most people on IRC are
devs and development is what's mostly discussed, sure, I'm not against
this idea.


Zeeshan Ali

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