Update of poky to morty branch

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> > What is the maintenance cycle for GDP 11? What kind of updates, if any,
> can
> > we expect?
> My suggestion would be that GDP 11 is maintained until GDP 12 is out
> but not after. No updates of any kind will get in, only fixes.

I can see that there is a balance to be struck and major new work would
likely be targeted for the newer version, but I would argue for a longer period. 
Probably a year.

History tells us that component updates are often not communicated very far in 
advance. This means people have to play catch-up, rather than plan for coordination. 
Others may need that work, then they too will take time to develop what they are doing. 
This means they may be delivering just as you close the window for updates.
You may in effect be only giving people a month or two to add value. Let alone the
people who want to use and contribute back to that work.

If you turn them away then you are dissipating the energy we should be encouraging.
People then have to start forking and maintaining GDP elsewhere when you
want to be encouraging involvement and collaboration in the Genivi infrastructure.

I'm not suggesting you would still be making formal GDP-11 releases after GDP-12 is out
for example, but it seems to me that some kind of middle ground where community updates
are accepted can be found. The CI can check updates don't break platforms for instance.

Of course people should also migrate to the newer version and they will, but it is an issue
of timing. After spending some months on work for version X you want to get it out
there and in use, whilst you then start on migrating to X+1.


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