[GSHA] Meeting minutes 2017-12-14

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at genivi.org
Thu Dec 14 04:29:41 EST 2017

Meeting Minutes for Graphics Sharing and Distributed HMI - #5 

Started with some technical difficulties ~= +15 min.

Wiki Page Review
- AI: (Christian, Johan, Philippe C, Victor) --  describe a few graphics
sharing use cases.

Personal presentations, new arrivals:
- Victor, Charles, Oscar, ...

Discussed and reviewed Waltham development next steps 
- Plugin plans (in Weston implementation) (ADIT)
- Looked at TODO in Waltham repository (mostly on WTH protocol itself,
Collabora related)
- AI: (Emre & Eugen) Look for additional Waltham demo/example code and link
on web page.

Outreach & other organizations:

- Reviewed which commercial HMI tool companies we have reached out to and
that have not participated yet.
- Asked again about other organizations we need to discuss with
- Intiatives in AGL & LF
-- Secure sharing of surfaces, discussed in Weston.  
-- AGL expected to approach it using Smack/ AGL framework
-- LF funded fundamental graphics work - more info?
- Google (see below)


- Google/Android involvement, we are discussing a shared time opportunity
(Pacific time zone).
- QtWayland presentation.  (Potentials for Waltham addition?)  
AI: Johan Thelin to organize.
- Victor C, give an overview of the scope of Harman HMI framework, for

Next Week:
- Some vacations, including GA.  No volunteer to lead and we need
to do a poll to confirm participants and content.

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