[GSHA] Meeting Tomorrow Thursday 0900 CET

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at genivi.org
Wed Dec 13 14:01:08 EST 2017

Hi Everyone,

Apologies if you get multiple reminders here, but there is a WebEx invite
on the Wiki page [1].

I intended to reference the invite, but could not find it in the mailing
list archives.  In any case, you just use the link provided at [1]

Meeting time is Thursday 14 December 0900 CET / 0800 UK / Midnight
(Wednesday) PST.

*** PASSWORD is gsha ***

Agenda for tomorrow:

1. Roll Call and practicalities

2. Deep(er)-dive (again) on Waltham.
(Expecting some discussion points from Daniel to drive this)

3. Review Project Wiki page additions
  - Definitions
  - Use cases
  - Technologies

4. End of year ramp-down and planning first meeting in January

5. Define actions toward project goals

REMEMBER the actions because we assigned them in previous meetings - to fill
the Wiki Page with related graphics technologies to study, and to consider
plans for demonstrations (including highlighting that which already exist).

Best Regards,
- Gunnar
[1]  https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/x/p4T0

Gunnar Andersson <gandersson at genivi.org>
Development Lead
GENIVI Alliance

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