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Hello Gunnar,



CDL team would like to demonstrate the PoC of CDL in the GDP Experience room
again, just like last AMM


Features that have been implemented since last AMM are:

 * CANDevStudio (as vehicle data source)

 * VSSI (W3C, for WebApp)

 * WebApp (as vehicle data consumer, implemented as solution of ACCESS)


The following features demonstrated in the last AMM were also included

 * Vehicle Simulator (vehicle data source)

 * VSS / VSI

 * CDL Daemon

 * Transfer collected data to off-board server using RVI

 * CommonAPI (for on-board data provide)


If you have any question, just let me know



Best Regards,

SeungHyun(Sam) Yun



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Hello Everyone!

In the next AMM in Seoul we will repeat the successful "GDP Experience
Room" from the Birmingham AMM, as an extension of the big showcase


I officially invite each and every company and individual to propose
demonstrations(*) in addition to the planned core GDP demos 

Just like in Birmingham it is possible for you to have an independent demo,
or to repeat parts of the Showcase demo you might have planned -- there will
be time to move the demonstration hardware

(*) Just send an email to me -- another Leader will be appointed for the
room later on

Last time the room got quite crowded by all the requests Preference might
be given to demonstrations that highlight important GDP features, or that
make use of components unique to this platform in order to test their
applicability or other innovative use of the platform But don't worry
about that - just send in any *GDP-based* demonstration proposal you might
have and we'll try to prioritize it accordingly

An initial planning page has been provided at [1]


Of course some demonstrations will be directly from GDP Master The GDP
team have continued to focus on specific interesting areas that are set to
lead to interesting results for our membership

GDP should focus on development and research in everyone's interest
important that we make very efficient use of development resources As I
promised in Birmhingham, adoption of appropriate parts of AGL developed code
is an important part of this, and I imagine it will increase further to
reduce divergence and increase development efficiency

Nonetheless we still see a lot of research not covered by AGL, new software
contributed to GENIVI GitHub that need to be proven and exercised, and some
particular technologies we know to be used in many production project, that
have still not been adopted by AGL, and these need a "home" for

A few example demos we can anticipate from GDP Master:

* CANDevStudio + subsystem In Birmingham we showed a full end-to-end
signalling demo from CAN and VSS to W3C compatible Web-interface You can
expect to see that repeated but with fuller integration into the GDP Master
project, and of course developers having access to the new CANDevStudio
based on our continued successful collaboration with Mobica

* A first SmartDeviceLink integration already exists on a feature
branch (There are some needed tweaks)

* I also promised to investigate the Desktop Linux standard
standard for applications, and the first steps have been taken to see the
results of container/sandboxing properties used by Flatpak

(This is not a complete list, but we will choose carefully what goes into
the GDP Experience Room)

Take a look at the skeleton planning page [1] and then send in(*) your
proposed demos!

- Gunnar

[1] https://atprojectsgeniviorg/wiki/x/NoH0
(*) Just send an email to me -- another Leader will be appointed for the
room later on

Gunnar Andersson <gandersson at geniviorg>
Development Lead
GENIVI Alliance

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