Support for hardware acceleration in QEMU for more efficient GDP emulation

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Thu Aug 24 16:52:33 EDT 2017

Hi Daniel,

I'm on holiday so I've not read your links deeply, but just wanted to react on a couple of points.

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>Subject: Support for hardware acceleration in QEMU for more efficient GDP emulation


>The initial idea was to introduce support for H/W acceleration into the version of QEMU that's built as a part of the Yocto base system, 
>inside poky/meta/recipes-devtools/qemu in the GDP Master tree. However, this would require introducing a number of extra dependencies
>required by the H/W support which would be used only by QEMU and nothing else. This seems somewhat wasteful for a feature that's probably
> not going to be very widely used (but it's nevertheless nice to have). You can read more in the associated ticket.

I perhaps underestimate the nature of the changes, as I expect your aware of the features if you've done the work, but Yocto has various features
that make it pretty straight forward to add and modify dependencies just for the QEMU machines.

That said, I'm not making a judgement as to whether it would be best to integrate the support or not and make it accelerated by default.

I can't say I've used QEMU h/w acceleration much - personally I stick close to production h/w ;)
Assuming we are talking about gfx acceleration here do you envisage many issues going forward enabling acceleration by default?
Put another way is the QEMU h/w support a reliable substitution for s/w rendering and is usable on a very wide range of h/w?

QEMU is the officially supported machines for the Genivi Yocto Baseline/meta-ivi so this is interesting for that as well. I'll mention it in the next
BIT meeting. 

>I'll gladly write a guide on how to do that, the only question is where to put it. Should I upload it to the repository or put it somewhere in the wiki?

I recall there being some information in either the meta-ivi/Genivi Yocto Baseline or GDP wiki trees on QEMU acceleration.
If my memory is not failing me, you could consider if you could integrate it there. Maybe as a more advanced option.


BIT Lead

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