Support for hardware acceleration in QEMU for more efficient GDP emulation

Kozar, Daniel daniel.kozar at
Wed Aug 23 09:17:37 EDT 2017

Hello everyone.
I've been working on enabling hardware graphics acceleration in QEMU for
the past few days. I think it's more or less finished - I can run a GDP
image with said acceleration without any noticeable issues.
The initial idea was to introduce support for H/W acceleration into the
version of QEMU that's built as a part of the Yocto base system,
inside poky/meta/recipes-devtools/qemu in the GDP Master tree. However,
this would require introducing a number of extra dependencies required by
the H/W support which would be used only by QEMU and nothing else. This
seems somewhat wasteful for a feature that's probably not going to be very
widely used (but it's nevertheless nice to have). You can read more in
the associated
ticket <>.
Enabling hardware acceleration requires making a custom QEMU build. It's a
rather painless process, but nevertheless needs a bit of preparation.
I'll gladly write a guide on how to do that, the only question is where to
put it. Should I upload it to the repository or put it somewhere in the

Kind regards,
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