Update meta-sdl for systemd service startup on

Gunnar Andersson gandersson at genivi.org
Sun Aug 20 15:32:03 EDT 2017

Hi Phong!

On Fri, 2017-08-18 at 20:51 +0200, Phong Tran wrote:
> Hi team,

Copying the list since the instruction could be useful for anyone - hope you
don't mind.

> I got a report issue about the smartdevicelink.service doesn't automatic 
> start while target is booting. And there is a fix for that.
> How can I submit for the patch [2]?

I wasn't sure what you had trouble with.  At first I wondered if you were
asking how to update a submodule but maybe that's not it at all.  

I think the issue might be the URL we are using for the submodule?  We
should just change it use your repo as the real "upstream".  I always
intended to do that, if our changes were included (I sent a PR to you but we
got stuck on the font stuff - I'm still not 100% sure there).  

One way to answer your question - you could send a PR to the current git
repo URL of the submodule in genivi-dev-platform (it's at github/gunnarx,
for no good reason.  It could be github/GENIVI if we still need something
unique, or github/phongt most likely).   Submitting the changes in any other
way is fine too (like the email you sent here).

But since I already wrote it down, I'll just include also how to update a
submodule in case that becomes an issue:

(Clone genivi-dev-platform)

cd genivi-dev-platform
cd meta-sdl
git checkout d9451f4d  (do what you need to get the changes in there first)
cd ..

In any typical git repo you would then update the submodule commit hash to
whatever it is set to:

git add meta-sdl
git commit

But to automatically get the commit message in the way we want in GDP, run
this script (Do not run git add before):

./git-submodule-bump "Fix the sdl-core systemd startup issue" 

Edit and save the commit message as usual.

Then you have a committed change to genivi-dev-platform and can send a pull
request.   It's best to do this from a branch.

If you want to do something via GitHub, feel free, otherwise we'll just log
a ticket for this in the GDP project and fix it in the best way.

Hope this helps, 
- Gunnar

> [1]https://github.com/phongt/meta-sdl/issues/2
> [2] https://github.com/phongt/meta-sdl/commit/d9451f4d2dd1a3927b0ce5e55a4f0dc9a3daee27

> Regards,
> Phong.

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