August 4th 2017 GENIVI IT Newsletter

Nicholas Contino ncontino at
Fri Aug 4 12:55:12 EDT 2017

This is the GENIVI IT Newsletter. This email is intended to keep you
informed about current IT issues and provide updates about ongoing tasks.


- Cosmetic changes to and
- Internal Mailing list info pages
- Jira/Confluence updates taking place this weekend
- GENIVI DevOps mailing list

- Cosmetic changes to and

        In order to avoid confusion between the public wiki ( and the members-only wiki (, the color of the top bar of those wikis have been
modified. This change is to improve the ease-of-use for the wiki sites.

- Internal Mailing list info pages
        Members-only mailing list information can be found here:
        Information about members-only mailing lists and their archives can
be found here:

- Jira/Confluence updates taking place this weekend
       Both the public Confluence and Wiki will be updated to the latest
version this weekend. Please make sure you complete all changes to Jira
tickets and Confluence pages before the end of the day on Friday, August
4th to make sure your changes are saved and carried over to the updated

- GENIVI DevOps mailing list
Remember to use genivi-devops at for issues related to GENIVI
infrastructure and technological resources. The genivi-devops list has been
adjust to automatically generate tickets in the OSSINFR project at If you submit a request, you will be able to view
its status by visiting
Nicholas Contino | IT Manager

ncontino at
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