GENIVI IT Newsletter for April 27th

Nicholas Contino ncontino at
Thu Apr 27 18:28:47 EDT 2017

Hi there!

This is the GENIVI IT Newsletter. This email is intended to keep you
informed about current IT issues and provide updates about ongoing tasks.

- DevOps mailing list reminder
- Migration of complete
- Upgrades to Public and Members-only Confluence and Jira

- DevOps mailing list reminder
Just a reminder to use genivi-devops at for issues related to
GENIVI infrastructure and technological resources. Doing this will help the
IT team address any content, broken links, or unexpected behavior from
GENIVI web applications.

- Migration of complete
The new server is in production. You should have received
an email confirming your list membership(s). The legacy mailing archives
are located here: The legacy archives are
password protected; please use your members-only wiki credentials to log in
to view the legacy archives. The legacy archives are in the process of
being refined, thank you for your patience as the dust settles from the

- Upgrades to Public and Members-only Confluence and Jira
In a continued effort to provide documentation and collaboration tools,
Confluence and Jira in both the public and members-only space will be
upgraded to the latest version. You may notice the color schemes and web
interfaces of these applications change with the upgrades, but the
functionality should be preserved.
Nicholas Contino | IT Manager

ncontino at
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