No pkgconfig info for ILM library?

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Fri Apr 21 08:54:27 EDT 2017

Hi Jacobo,

thank you for your email. I'm already working on the pkgconfig (.pc) files. They will be available soon. :)

Best regards

Michael Teyfel
Software Group I (ADITG/SW1)

Tel. +49 5121 49 6932
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On 21/04/17 13:36, Jacobo Aragunde Pérez wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm finding a little problem when trying to properly compile my 
> modified Chromium, which uses the ilmInput API. There seems to be no 
> pkgconfig
> (.pc) info provided by the package, so what compiler/linker flags are 
> you using in your projects with ILM?

It looks -lilmInput made the trick, but I wasn't adding it in the proper place in the list of arguments.

Anyway, a pkgconfig file it's something good to have :)

Jacobo Aragunde
Software Engineer at Igalia
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