April 13th 2017 GENIVI IT Newsletter

Nicholas Contino ncontino at genivi.org
Thu Apr 13 17:10:46 EDT 2017

Hi there!

This is the second GENIVI IT Newsletter. This email is intended to keep you
informed about current IT issues and provide updates about ongoing tasks.

- New DevOps email list
- Update on migration status

- New DevOps email list
A new mailing list has been created to specifically to provide an avenue
for information about GENIVI IT infrastructure issues and notifications.
Please use this list to point out or discuss any ongoing problems or
inconsistencies that you may be experiencing with the various tools and web
applications provided by GENIVI. Doing this will help the IT team address
any content, broken links, or unexpected behavior from GENIVI web
applications. The list can be emailed at the following address:
genivi-devops at lists.genivi.org

- Update on migration status
The final testing is being completed on the new authentication mechanism
for mail.genivi.org. This will allow members to use their collab.genivi.org
credentials to log in to SVN and mail.genivi.org archives. Once the testing
is complete, mail.genivi.org will be staged in preparation for the cutover.
The final cut over of mail.genivi.org will be happening soon, stay tuned to
the IT Newsletter for updates!

Thanks for reading!
Nicholas Contino | IT Manager

ncontino at genivi.org
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